Saturday, September 16, 2017

Walking to Lascabanes, 14 miles.

The chicken was a regional dish and was the only time I have had it. 

Walking into Cahors, France, 18 miles.

It was too hot and I wished I had stopped at a small town at 15 miles. But the welcoming little children, finding a couch on Emma's apartment and lovely city made for a good day.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Walking to Varaire, France, 17 miles

This was lovely walking through forests on shaded paths. There was a large collection of painted shells, small ponds, and a herd of black eyed and black eared sheep.

Walking to Carjac, France, 18 miles.

Walking to Figac, France, 17 miles.

Walking from Conques to Livinhac, 15 miles.

After 18 days of walking it seems normal to walk up and down silly hills in sweltering heat, stopping to buy a sandwich or perhaps as on this day, a salad with duck meat. There was a picnic area and several pilgrims stopped and enjoyed each other's company. We discussed whether to go to the next town or stay. The deciding factor was how far to the town after that. We space the towns. I am comfortable with 15 miles day, sometimes 18 miles if it is not so hilly and hot. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

And then we came to Conques, France.

Most villages appear on the horizon, on  far away hill or way off in the valley. But not Conques.