Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ashland, Oregon Walk With Me

This little town is filled with charm, as well as actors! Walk down the classic Old West Main street into the Historic Railroad neighborhood.

Available in Ashland at Bloomsbury Books, 290 E. Main St.
Online at www.Walk-With-Me.com or Amazon.com.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eugene, Oregon Walk in Beautiful Alley

Imagine a guidebook with 32 maps of walking or running routes in Eugene, Oregon. This Beautiful Alley walk is just a sample of a dream come true for people who love Eugene, and those who are going to love Eugene.

The guidebook "Eugene, Oregon Walks" has 32 maps for walkers or runners, including two bicycle paths and trails. Available at local independent bookstores and shops.
Online at www.Walk-With-Me.com for only $9.97.

Roseburg, Oregon Walk With Me

What better excuse to exercise in Roseburg, Oregon! A fabulous walk takes you along the river, through a fascinating historic neighborhood, and around the downtown. On Mondays, stop in the Roseburg Book & Stationery store, en route, to meet the tiny, spry 92-year old woman who has worked in this store for 74 YEARS! She still works at the counter with a big smile.

Enjoy this wonderous walk from "Oregon Townscape Walks', a guidebook of 22 Oregon towns, 7 Amtrak whistle stop walks, 13 bicycle paths. This unique, hand-done book graces a table coffee table as well as takes you to great places. And you will get a little exercise while checking out the neighborhoods.
Available in Roseburg at Waldron's, Roseburg Book & Stationery, While Away Books, Douglas County Museum. In Winston at Sandy's Book Nook.
Online at www.Walk-With-Me.com for only $9.97

Sutherlin, Oregon Walk With Me

Why walk the tiny town of Sutherlin, Oregon? To see the the Vick 56 Ford mural and the real pick up, the Blue Bulldog, the No. 100 steam locomotive, the Old West downtown and greet the friendly folks. Ok, and it is a little exercise, too.

This walk is from the guidebook, "Oregon Townscape Walks" with 22 Oregon Towns, 13 bicycle paths, 7 Amtrak whistle stop walks and 14 train depots. This totally hand drawn book by the author takes you fabulous places, as well as looking good on your coffee table.
Available in Sutherlin at the Books Gallery, 220 W. Central Ave.
Online at www.Walk-With-Me.com for only $9.97

Portland, Oregon Walk, Pearl District to 23rd Street

Here is a unique experience of Portland, Oregon on foot, and a good excuse to exercise. Walk from the Amtrak station, along the Willamette River, past the Mounted Police arena, through the Pearl District to the Pigs on 23rd, and into beautiful neighborhoods.

Walking route from guidebook, "Oregon Townscape Walks" with 22 Oregon towns, 7 Amtrak whistle stop walks, 13 bicycle paths and 14 restored train depots. This artistic book does more than grace your coffee table, it takes you fascinating places for a unique experience.
Available in Portland at Reading Frenzy.
Online at www.Walk-With-Me.com  Costs only $9.97.